Dicle Teknokent 2/215
Certificate Name PRICE STATUS
PositiveSSL Certificate $14.95 DETAILS
PositiveSSL Wildcard Certificate $99.00 DETAILS
PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Certificate $21.00 DETAILS
PositiveSSL EV Certificate $105.00 DETAILS
PositiveSSL EV Multi-Domain Certificate $72.00 DETAILS

Frequently Asked Questions

A Standard SSL Certificate can only be signed and issued to use in a single domain. Wildcard featured SSL Certificates also covers all subdomains. If your website has several subdomains, the Wildcard SSL Certificate covers them all, and you do not need standard SSL Certificates for your domain and subdomains.

An EV SSL Certificate is a high-reliability SSL Certificate, and can be provided with an Extended Validation. In order to have an EV SSL Certificate, it is necessary to be an organization, and be able to verify the existence of the organization through official institutions.

The Green Address Bar is a service provided by EV SSL Certificates. When visiting a website that uses EV SSL Certificate, the address bar in the browser becomes green, there will appear credentials of the owner organization, and who the EV SSL Certificate is issued by. With this verification, users are safe from identity theft.

In order to install an SSL Certificate, you will need a hosting account that supports SSL Certificates. If your hosting service is not provided by us, then contact your hosting provider, to find out if your hosting is eligible for an SSL Certificate installation

You are not obligated to buy hosting from us, to get an SSL Certification. You can order an SSL Certificate from us to use on your existing hosting provider.

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