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User Agreement

User Agreement

  1. The Parties

This user agreement was made by;

Kodcenter WG AB

Hyllie Alle 2A - 1314

215 36 Malmö


VAT-No.: SE559193180201

Tel. No.: +46 40 643 37 44

Email: info@kodcenter.com

[Hereafter referred to as KC]

To be read and accepted by any individual, company, organization and/or government, who visits, uses or cooperates with KC.

[Hereafter referred to as USER]

The content of this user agreement was published at 28.02.2019, and is stated as below:

  1. Data Protection

All content and/or processing of data belonging to the USER, is protected by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in EU (European Union) and EEA (European Economic Area).

By visiting our website, the USER automatically accepts and allows us to collect personal information to be used in the matter of handling information, representation, sales, support, communication, location, purchasing of products, invoicing, payment, marketing, and legal aspects.

All data will be given to third parties to improve the user experience, accuracy, future developments and create new innovations.

The USER has the right at any time to get an insight or to delete the collected personal data by contacting KC at info@kodcenter.com

All collected data will be safely stored if the USER is active and/or relevant to the website, the products and/or the services of KC.

All unnecessary and/or no longer needed data will be deleted automatically by KC.

More information can be found at: https://kodcenter.com

  1. Our Website

KC’s website; https://kodcenter.com is an online e-commerce site, were USERS can visit, signup and place orders. The website is developed by KC and all rights are reserved to KC.

If you have any questions, visit https://kodcenter.com to find an answer or login to your user panel and create a support ticket.

  1. Products and Services

KC offers:

Domain names



SSL Certificates

Speed up Solutions

Security Solutions

Recovery Solutions

API Guidelines and Setups

Penetration Tests

Web Building

Web Development

Web Structures


IT Architecture

IT Engineering 




Online/Offline Software Solutions

Custom made IT Solutions




Email Interface and Options


All the listed products and services belong to KC or an associate of KC.

More information can be found at: https://kodcenter.com

  1. Terms of use

Terms of use can be found at our website: https://kodcenter.com

  1. Orders

All orders can be made by any USER who is registrated at KC’s website: https://kodcenter.com

More information can be found at: https://kodcenter.com

  1. Payment

In accordance with the 2006/112/CE Directive, modified on 01/01/2015, prices exclude VAT. VAT may vary according to the USER's country of residence.

All prices are in USD (United States Dollar) or SEK (Swedish Krona), unless else is stated in a different currency.

All payments are processed by our payment gateway Paylane, and in accordance to their conditions, rules and terms, which can be seen on the web URL: https://paylane.com

All payments will be invoiced and must be paid in accordance to the ordered.

Payments made late/after due date will be charged with extra costs and can end up being processed by taking legal actions in order to collect the debts. 

More information can be found at: https://kodcenter.com

  1. Delivery

All delivery will be made in accordance to the details of the order, when purchasing.

If any delay or non-possible delivering appears concerning to the ordered, the user will be immediately noticed by phone or email from KC.

More information can be found at: https://kodcenter.com

  1. Purchase

Any legally existing USER can visit, signup and purchase orders from KC at the URL: https://kodcenter.com

Non-legally existing USERS cannot visit, signup or purchase orders from KC.

KC will not be a part of any activities from USERS who might appear on the European Union consolidated list of sanctions, which can be found at this URL: https://ec.europa.eu/fpi/what-we-do/sanctions_en

  1. Warranty

KC offers various kinds of warranties depending on the ordered from the USER.

For orders developed and delivered from inhouse production by KC, there is always a minimum of a 30 day warranty or as agreed upon, which can be found on the order confirmation sent to the USER.

For orders delivered through KC from an associate, the warranty may depend on the validity stated by an associate.

More information can be found at: https://kodcenter.com or at the relevant associate’s website (see “14. Associates” in this User Agreement).

  1. Cancellation / Freezing Orders

All cancellations or freezing of an order can be done after further agreement with KC by email only. The effects can variate for each order, since some are ordered through KC from an associate, where the rules and terms are under the regulations of our associate. More details are given when purchasing the order.

Cancellation or freezing an order that has not been fully paid for, will be taken processed after the expiration date, and any existing debt continues to be charged by the USER.

This will be noticed to the USER by phone or email from KC.

More information can be found at: https://kodcenter.com

  1. Refunds

The purchased can only be refunded if the product does not live up to the agreed, or if the product was never used and not purchased over 30 days before the request for refund.

Sometimes used orders related to our associates can be refunded differently, if the query lives up to our associates refund policy. 

More details can be found in your order confirmation or by visiting KC’s website https://kodcenter.com and look for Return Policy.

  1. Support Service

KC offers 24/7 support service.

More information can be found at: https://kodcenter.com

  1. Associates

KC provides solutions from different associates (partners/suppliers) as listed below.

LiteSpeed URL:

DigiCert URL:

cPanel URL:

DomainnameApi URL:

Hexonet URL:


Paylane URL:

More information can be found at: https://kodcenter.com or at the associates websites.

  1. Legal Structure

KC is a privately held limited company registered in Sweden (EU) and protected by the laws in Sweden and European Union.

All rights reserved in matter of belonging to KC such as legal name, brand names, domain names, websites, products, services, innovations, guidelines, produced units, etc.

Copyrights are not given to anyone else than KC, unless there is a clear agreement between the USER and KC or the rightfully owner.

Any abuse or mistreatment of the above mentioned in this User Agreement will be determined by legal procedures in terms of a lawsuit against whom might have conducted the illegal actions!

  1. Accept

Any USER, who visits, signs up, reviews, buys or uses KC’s website, products, services, innovations and belongings, is accepting this User Agreement and is aware of all the content in it.  

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