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Terms of Service

Account Settings / Email Address

Your account is activated after the payment transaction has been completed (the amount has been charged). It is up to you to decide whether to use a valid or invalid email address in your account.

If there is any complaint or if we need to contact you, we will contact you using your primary email address on your customer panel. For this reason, it is in your best interest to enter your e-mail address in a correct way. Entering the wrong contact information can cause poor results, such as your account being closed.


Our transfer team takes maximum effort throughout your transfer to Kodcenter. The transfer process is a free service that is provided only for the convenience of users. Kodcenter cannot guarantee whether the move is possible or not nor the time in which it can be completed.

Each hosting company is organized differently, and some hosting platforms store data incompatible or custom made. This can make the transfer unsuitable or rather difficult. We'll do the best we can, but in some cases, we can't help you with the transfer. If the number of sites to be transferred is more than 10, please ask for price information. The free transfer service only covers a period of 15 days from the start date of your membership.

Kodcenter uses central DNS structure. For this reason, you must delete the account that you do not use when you move from one server to another, because a website does not work on two different servers. If you do not delete the account you do not use, our technical team may delete the hosting account on the server where your website is not active during the checks it performs.


All services provided by Kodcenter must be used within the legal framework. Kodcenter accepts Swedish laws. Any written, audible or visual content provided on Kodcenter servers may not be in violation of Swedish laws. Otherwise, all financial and intangible responsibilities arising/to be born shall belong to the customer. The service provider, Kodcenter, is not responsible for such incidents. Customers should guarantee that Kodcenter will not be damaged by the services it offers.

Trademark or copyright infringement in our services is prohibited. It covers every process that includes unauthorized music copying, books, photos or any copyright. Selling any trademarked services will result in an immediate deletion of your account. When an account that violates these rules and/or violates copyright is found, the account is frozen or deleted. If you believe that your copyrights or trademark rights have been violated, you can e-mail us at abuse@kodcenter.com. If the license is in question, we may need the necessary documentation.

It is forbidden to use shared hosting as a backup or storage. In the "FTP" field, only the control panel backup can be compressed as tar.gz, .rar, .zip, etc. format in one copy and have a maximum size of 2 GB (Backups exceeding 2 GB is deleted without any notice). Please do not back up your backups.

Below are examples of materials banned in the shared or reseller service:

Top lists

Sites with adult or pornographic content

IRC scripts/bots

Proxy scripts/anonymizers

Unauthorized software (warez)

Image hosting scripts (similar to Photobucket or Tinypic)

Auto Surf/PTC/PTS/PPC sites

IP Scanner

Brute Force programs/scripts/applications

Email spam scripts

File hosting/mirroring scripts (similar to RapidShare)

Video distribution (youtube.com-like scripts)

Escrow/banking sites

HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) sites etc.

Investment sites (FOREX, E-gold Exchange, Second Life/Linden Exchange, Ponzi, MLM / Pyramid Scheme)

Sell any material without the right to legal distribution

Prime Bank Programs

Lottery games sites


Sites containing hate, racism, disturbing content

Hacker-driven sites/archives/programs

Sites that organize illegal activities

Illegal, copyrighted linking (warez) forums/web pages

Game sites such as: Tera, Knight Online etc.

Apps to gain followers on social media such as Instagram, Facebook etc.

Mailer Pro etc.

Kodcenter services, all related equipment, network and network devices, are authorized only for customer's use. For legal issues, KODCENTER can monitor the services it provides to check whether or not the customer is using the service in an authorized manner and to check for security procedures. During this monitoring process, information can be examined, saved or copied. By using Kodcenter services, you accept this monitoring process.

Kodcenter reserves the right to decline the service used. Interference with the use of the service provided is completely under Kodcenter’s control. For example, sites that contain threatening content or that violate copyright may be deleted from our servers without notice. In these cases, our complaint department will contact you (by telephone or e-mail), if your account fails to be processed within 48 hours, your account may be frozen or deleted. If you have doubts about whether your site has acceptable content or not, you can send an email to abuse@kodcenter.com without any hesitation. We are happy to help you!

For reseller users: When similar conditions occur, accounts are frozen, and a message is sent to the reseller about deleting the account. Kodcenter may freeze or cancel your account if multiple similar violations occur.

For direct customers: Your account will be deleted from our servers without sending any notifying messages.

When the above-mentioned situation occurs, Kodcenter reports the necessary information to the respective authorities. Ensuring that the scripts/programs that you use in your account are secure and that the file permissions are correct is entirely the customer’s responsibility. Users are responsible for all changes that occur in their accounts. It also includes the username and password you use when logging into the system.

For your safety, you should make sure your password is difficult. If you use a weak password (such as 123456), your account may be frozen until you agree to use a difficult password. If the password is found to be weak during the account check, we will send you a message to change / update your password.

Zero tolerance for spam! 

We do not show any tolerance for unsolicited e-mails. Accounts of spam users will be deleted without any warning. This ban does not only include fax, instant messaging, or Usenet/Newsgroup categories. Kodcenter reserves the right to make changes to any web page, account, database or other components as it deems necessary. Customers may not send bulk emails under shared names, whether it has been approved by users or not, via e-mail, or through any shared hosting service.

The PHP mail function on all our shared servers (such as Individual hosting, Enterprise Hosting, SEO Hosting, Reseller Hosting) is closed for security reasons. Kodcenter only allows secure e-mail transmission over the SMTP protocol.

Terms of use for Shared IP

Our hosting and reseller customers who do not purchase a private IP address use a shared IP address. Kodcenter cannot be held responsible for blacklist problems that may occur in shared IP addresses. For the IP addresses that enter the Blacklist, the necessary arrangements and applications are made to get out of the blacklist. Customer accounts that cause IP addresses to enter the blacklist are deleted from the system without any notice and site backups are delivered to the customer. The customer does not have the right for any claims in this case.

Payment Information

You are responsible for paying any services you receive from Kodcenter. Kodcenter guarantees the continuity of the service until the completion of the paid service. You are obliged to make the payment as long as you do not warn us to cancel the use of the service you ordered or as long as you use the service, we provide to you. You can send an email to sales@kodcenter.com for detailed information about service cancellations.

As a customer of Kodcenter, it is your responsibility to enter your customer information correctly and to make your payment on time. Kodcenter, guarantees that it will keep your data for 10 days from date of invoice occur. If you do not pay your bill within 10 days, your account may be frozen or deleted. If your payments will be delayed, we would like you to contact us to ensure that your account is not frozen or deleted. You can make your payments via bank transfer, credit card or mobile payment. If you have any questions about payments, please send an e-mail to sales@kodcenter.com.

Kodcenter reserves the right to change the amount of payment and service fee at any time.

Payments are serviced by PayLane sp. z o.o. which is located in Gdańsk at ul. Norwida 4, zip code: 80-280, KRS: 0000227278.

Backup and Data Loss

It is entirely the customer's responsibility to make backups. Our backup service is a free security service that we provide. Kodcenter is not responsible for any data/file loss you have experienced. You hereby agree that you have all rights to the files with this contract.

Cancellations and Refunds

Kodcenter reserves the right to close and freeze user accounts in case of contractual breaches without sending any warning. Customers can request cancellation from the customer area at any time for the respective service. You can send an e-mail to info@kodcenter.com for detailed information on the cancellation of the service. Kodcenter can refund you within 7 days of any dissatisfaction.

Resource Usage

Users are not allowed to do following:

Consume system resources for more than 90 seconds at a rate higher than the rate specified for the purchased service

Use of stand-alone, server-side applications (such as IRCD hosting)

Use of bots that index any type of web spider or sites is prohibited in the shared hosting service. (For example, Google Cash/AdSpy)

Use any software similar to Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network

It is forbidden to run any bit torrent application. You may be legally distributing to Torrent, but you cannot host it on shared hosting.

You cannot be in any file sharing / peer-to-peer participation

You cannot run any game servers. (Half Life, Counter Strike, Battlefield1942) for this you can browse our game servers

When importing local files using PHP’s ‘include’ function, you should use; include(“include.php”), instead of “http://www.yourdomain.com/include.php”

The maximum database sizes, cron entries, processor, number of files, e-mail, etc., and the service-specific limits are set out on the sales page of the respective services. When accounts that use other than these limits are detected, the related service may be suspended, and other measures can be taken according to the nature of the excess in order to prevent overrun. These applications can be done with or without informing the customer.

For individual, SEO, ready-to-use and reseller hosting services, a single file may not exceed 500 MB.

Whereas, the maximum for enterprise or high CPU hosting services is 750 MB for a single file.

Resource Usage – INODE’s

The maximum number of INODE for individual, SEO, ready-to-use and reseller hosting services is 200,000 and is set to 400,000 for enterprise or high CPU hosting services. The system does not allow customers to exceed these INODE numbers, you cannot receive any email when your INODE limit is reached, nor can you upload any files to your website. It is therefore important that you check your INODE number on the control panel display.

Services that exceed 50,000 INODE or 4 GB file size limit, for individual, SEO, on-site and reseller hosting or 75,000 INODE or 6GB file size limit, for enterprise and high CPU hosting services, are automatically disabled from the backup service to secure average use of the backup service. Any backup of the site that is exceeding the limit is not received by the system. Each file (webpage, image, email, log file, folder etc.) uses 1 INODE.

We do not like to freeze accounts of users that do not exceed the usage limit that much; however, we often review and/or freeze accounts of users who create and delete large-sized files, create hundreds of thousands of files, or cause damage to the system.

Email Limit

Shared hosting is subject to the hourly delivery limit. Hosting accounts that are subject to individual, reseller, and SEO hosting services can send 100 emails per hour. Enterprise hosting accounts can send 400 emails per hour. Accounts with individual, reseller, and SEO hosting services can send 4000 emails monthly and accounts subject to enterprise hosting services can send 8000 email monthly. If you need more than these limits, please contact our sales team.

In shared hosting services, the maximum size of an email account is limited to 2 GB. E-mail accounts that exceed 2 GB size are closed to incoming mail traffic and new emails never reach the relevant account. Customers can view the size of their e-mail accounts through the control panels. This limit is defined as 4 GB in enterprise hosting accounts.

Backup Limit

For individual, SEO, on-site and reseller hosting services that exceed 50,000 INODE or 4 GB file size limit, corporate and high CPU hosting services to exceed 75,000 INODE or 6 GB file size limit, the backup service is automatically disabled from the backup service in order to fix the average usage.Kodcenter takes a daily, weekly and monthly backup in some of the services so that all data is not lost when any hardware problem occurs. These backups are not intended to be used by users but to prevent data from being lost when there are any technical problems.

Traffic Usage

According to the package you purchased, you will have a certain traffic limit. If this limit is exceeded, the purchased services may be automatically suspended until the next month or more traffic is purchased. Keeping track of traffic used is the customer’s responsibility. Unused traffic cannot be transferred to the next month. In addition to the package, any additional use of the traffic you have purchased will be invoiced the following month and you agree to pay the fee within the requested time without objection.

For customers using unlimited traffic hosting; the accounts will not be frozen or deleted due to traffic as long as they do not exceed the resource usage and they meet the conditions in the contract of the package they received. The bandwidth in web hosting packages with unlimited traffic is limitless only for your site for which you purchased the service. You cannot use traffic on other sites.

Refund Guarantee

Products and services that cannot be returned are indicated in our return policy. All reseller and shared hosting service packages that Kodcenter provides are covered by a 7-day refund guarantee. Please note that this 7-day refund guarantee is only for customers using a shared hosting or reseller package. The 7-day refund guarantee does not cover additional costs such as server rental, domain name registration, administrative charges, third-party services (license etc.), package add-on etc. More detailed information can be found reading our return policy our web site.

Uptime Guarantee

Shared hosting and reseller servers are monitored 24 hours a day; we guarantee to intervene as soon as possible in case of any interruption in any of our servers. However, this period may extend as a result of the workload of the datacenter where our servers are located and the problem that may occur in the server. We guarantee 98% uptime to our customers using shared hosting and reseller service. If the uptime period falls below a certain number, we extend the service period to 4 times the duration of the downtime in terms of customer satisfaction.

Reseller: Customer Responsibility

Reseller customers are responsible for providing support to their own customers. Kodcenter does not provide any support service to reseller customers. If the customer of our reseller contacts us for support, we will inform him / herself about how and where to obtain support. Support requests, including security issues, can only be made by the reseller. In addition, resellers are also responsible for the content and behavior of their customers. When Kodcenter detects any circumstance, which is contrary to the contract, the reseller is considered as responsible.

Important note: If reseller’s customer’s accounts are inaccessible and they are not able to communicate with the reseller, Kodcenter will try to reach the reseller using information (mobile or fixed telephone, email) for 4 business days. If the reseller cannot be reached, the necessary security and ownership validations can be made in order to avoid any negative impressions by customers where the hosting service is transferred from the reseller to Kodcenter by creating a new account. In this case, the reseller is not entitled to any rights or to claim compensation.

Shared Hosting

Users using a shared hosting service cannot provide hosting. If you want to provide hosting services, you must have a reseller account or a non-shared server service.

About Virtual and Physical Servers

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to have a valid e-mail account and to ensure the security of personal passwords that are up-to-date and accurate on the Kodcenter client account and to secure the passwords that can access the server. Kodcenter does not perform any backup operations for servers, it is entirely the customer's responsibility to manage and create backup operations. If you wish, you can purchase additional hard disk or backup services for the backup system and manage your backups; this is the simplest solution we can offer. If you need a second hard disk or backup solution, you can contact sales@kodcenter.com. Shared hosting rules do not apply to server services. Unless otherwise specified, or unless the backup service is purchased, no backup of the server services is performed, and the security of the data is the responsibility of the customer.

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