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Return Policy


When purchasing products or services Kodcenter a 7 day return policy is guaranteed, unless the purchased is made through Kodcenter from an associate (partner/supplier) -where the associate’s stated return policy may be valid. For more information see your order confirmation or our user agreement by visiting our website https://kodcenter.com

The return policy is executed as described below.

The return request must be submitted in writing by the end-user who has purchased the service within 7 calendar days. In order to request for a return a support notification is to be made through the customer panel, stating which service/good is to be returned including the reason, if any, for the related service(s)

Refund transactions will be made within 7 business days after the end user submits the return request.

Return requests outside above stated are not taken into consideration.

Non-refundable goods and services:


Security certificates and any kind of software license services.

Renewed services or products for the next period.

Physical or virtual servers and personalized products and services.

Consulting and brokerage services.

Technic support and installation services.

Services provided through third-party service providers.

Free rights earned from campaigns or sponsorships.

Credit added to the client account from refund transactions or customer’s direct credit amount.

Designs made and encoded software.

Backup services.

Refunds: A refund can be made to the person requesting to return services accordingly to method of payment. Payments made by bank transfers will be refunded to the bank account used and payments using credit cards will be refunded to the card used. However, refunds don’t include the return of non-refundable services (license, security certificate, operational and technical services, cargo, bank commissions etc.) received regarding the relevant service/good.

Credits as refund: If the requested services are cancelled and the non-refundable portion of the services can be withdrawn from the total amount, they can be added as credit to the customer’s account for the service to be purchased again. Credits added by Kodcenter or credits added directly by the customer itself cannot be converted into cash.

As payments made are converted to the related currency at the exchange rate at the time of payment, refunds will be made using the converted amount. The required return costs are borne by the end user and the refund will be made after deducting such costs from the total refund.

The end user may cancel the refund request in writing at any given time before the refund process is carried out.

These conditions of refund are binding between Kodcenter and the person and/or institution, which is stated as the final consumer. Anyone buying services through Kodcenter is deemed to have accepted these policies in advance.

Cancellation procedure of any product or service you have purchased through Kodcenter can be made by logging into Kodcenter customer panel using your user name and password. The cancellation request must be created from the page of the related product you want to cancel.

When making a cancellation request, two options are given one being cancel at the end of term and the other being immediate cancellation. When cancelling selecting end of term, the service shall remain active until expiry of the period of service and the service will be cancelled and thus will not be invoiced at the end of the service period. When choosing the option immediate cancellation, the invoice will not be reissued for the related service and the service will be canceled irrevocably on the same day.

All products and services we sell are purchased with repeated process and if a cancellation is not requested the system will send you the invoice and the related reminder by email.

Refund requests given during the cancellation process will not be considered. Refund request can also be submitted to the accounting department via support notification by creating a new support ticket.

Warning: Cancellations and refunds are two different things. The cancellation process is when you do not want to create a new invoice for the next period. Whereas, the refund process is when a return of the purchased product and a refund is requested.

The credits in your account will automatically pay your invoices at renewal. Why you should close the automatic renewal feature (the auto-renew feature can be activated/deactivated from the relevant service page), otherwise the services will be automatically renewed at the end of the period if there is credit in your account. It is not possible to get a refund on credits used on automatic renewal.  

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